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Tucson Severe Injuries Attorney

Severe Injuries after a Motor Vehicle Accident in Tucson

Severe injuries can devastate the injured victim and his and her family for many years.  Severe injuries often result in long-term medical conditions, short-term or permanent disability.  Severe injuries can also cause permanent damage to the person’s body or brain.  Such injuries can limit a person’s ability to work, and some injury victims are not employable at all after the accident.

This Tucson personal injury law firm can assist you with any severe injury or catastrophic injury caused by a third party’s negligence. 

Causes of Personal Injuries

Severe injuries can be caused by a number of accidents that include:

This Tucson based office will investigate every detail about your accident to help identify the parties at fault, or the negligent persons, and determine what damages you may be able to recover.   We can subpoena information after filing a lawsuit.    

Common Severe Injuries in Arizona

Severe injuries can hinder your ability to work, or even to perform daily functions.  Some common severe injuries include:

Brain injury

A traumatic brain injury can cause permanent damage to the brain’s membrane--hindering your ability to perform cognitive functions.

Loss of vision, speech, or hearing

Severe accidents can cause partial or complete loss of your vision, speech, or hearing deafness, either temporary or permanent.  

Organ damage

Vital organs can be damaged after an accident.  Organ damage can affect the body’s functioning and present heightened future health risks.


Paraplegia is partial, or total paralysis, in the lower portion of the victim’s body, or legs.

Scaring and Permanent Disfigurement

An accident victim may require surgery to remedy the scaring or disfigurement that resulted after the injury.  The medical bills for these procedures can be very expensive and will require a substantial settlement to cover the plastic surgery costs, and the future damages to that person. 


Quadriplegia is partial or total paralysis of the injury victim’s the legs and arms.

If you have suffered a severe injury, please contact a Tucson Severe Injuries Attorney today at 520-577-0707 for a free consultation.



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