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Tucson Pedestrian Accidents Attorney

Pedestrian Accidents in Arizona

     According to the National Center of Statistics and Analysis, a pedestrian is injured in a motor vehicle accident every seven minutes.   Pedestrian accidents happen often because automobile drivers are not careful when they drive at intersections or cross walks.  The injuries that result from a pedestrian-automobile accident are typically catastrophic and permanent in nature.  

     Pedestrian accidents in Tucson are complicated to investigate because the driver and the pedestrian are often the only witnesses to the accident.  Further, the police reports do not help the walker, jogger, or bicyclist because they do not establish liability for either the driver or the pedestrian. 


Significant injuries after a pedestrian accident

     Pedestrian accidents often result in significant injuries and financial losses to the individuals involved. Damages may include medical expenses, lost wages, and even funeral expenses.  Individuals are also entitled to recover for the pain and suffering sustained from the accident.  In a wrongful death cause of action, the spouse of the injured person is entitled to recover for the loss of consortium, and the services of his or her spouse.  

     The insurance company for the driver will begin an investigation of the accident immediately.  The insurance company will try to limit the recovery of the injured pedestrian.  Thus, it is important to retain an attorney at the beginning of the case. 

Tucson Personal Injury Attorney - Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

     Your pedestrian accident personal injury lawsuit is important and needs special attention to detail in order to recover the proper compensation.  Expert testimony is typically used to reconstruct the accident and educate the jury on the duty that drivers have when traveling on Arizona roads. 

     Pedestrian accidents can lead to serious injuries including:

       We handle our cases on a contingency fee.  This means that you are not responsible for any of our costs—the insurance company must pay all the costs and attorney’s fees.  We have represented people injured in pedestrian and car-versus-pedestrian accidents in Southern Arizona. 

     Please make sure that you file your claim in a timely manner, and that you follow up with a lawsuit to recover fair compensation.  We are here to help. Contact a Tucson Pedestrian Accidents Attorney today by using our online form, or by calling 520-577-0707. 



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