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Practice Areas

     Learn more about the types of personal injury cases that the lawyers of the Lara Law Firm handle:

Automobile Accidents Attorney

    Tucson accidents


A common question that arises after a car accident is: “What is the value of my case?”

A Tucson personal injury attorney is equipped to answer this question. 

What is the value of my case? 

      Sometimes a lay person can underestimate the value of their case because he or she may not take into account all the factors for which an injury victim may be compensated.  
These factors include your physical and emotional pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, loss of consortium, loss of employment, permanent injuries and other considerations.  Further, the stress of dealing with insurance companies and opposing counsel can be overwhelming. 

    Thus, the value of retaining a personal injury attorney is exhibited when you are fairly compensated for your injuries.  Contact a personal injury lawyer if you were involved in a car accident in Tucson—we can help. 

Wrongful Death Claims Attorney

 Tucson collision

The painful experience of losing a family member as a result of another’s negligence should always be followed by a lawsuit. 



Why is a wrongful death case so expensive to litigate?

A wrongful death creates funeral expenses and leaves the deceased’s family without the love and financial support that the former provided.  Wrongful death cases typically require the services of an accident reconstructionist and extensive investigation to establish the third party’s negligence.  The expenses associated with this investigation can be great, but they are paid by your attorney before settlement, or prior to a jury verdict. 

Contact a Tucson personal injury to discuss the legal steps that you should take after the loss of a loved one. 


Trucking Accidents Lawyer

     We recommend that you contact personal injury attorney in Pima County to handle your claim soon after the accident occurred.  These claims are more technical than the common automobile accident and warrant greater compensation most of the time. 

 truck accident Tucson

Trucking accidents in Pima County are common. 

Commercial vehicles travel through Tucson and Pima County every day to load and deliver cargo, and accidents with the same are inevitable.


What are the typical injuries suffered by victims of accidents with semi trucks?

The injuries that drivers suffer from contact with 18 wheelers are typically severe and require immediate medical attention.  The hospitalization of these injury victims also translates into high medical bills and permanent injuries. 

Slip and Fall Cases Attorney


 slip and fall Tucson

A personal injury claim exists in a slip and fall accident when the property owner was negligent. 

Negligence can be shown if there was a dangerous condition that the landowner should have cleaned or fixed before the incident.


Can a property owner be held liable for an accident that occurs or his or her land?

The property owner is at fault if he or she created, or allowed, a dangerous condition to exist on the premises that caused the person’s fall.  S
lip and fall cases are inherently difficult to win because the defendant can raise defenses such as comparative negligence to avoid liability. 

Contact a Tucson Personal Injury Lawyer to have your slip and fall case evaluated.  Contact Adolfo Lara or Jeff Gould, of counsel, for a free consultation.