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Frequently Asked Questions
on Personal Injury Claims

How should I choose a personal injury attorney in Tucson, Arizona?

You should carefully select your personal injury attorney after an accident.  You deserve fair compensation for your injuries and proper medical care.  A personal injury attorney can help you achieve your physical recovery, and a fair monetary recovery for your injuries. Your attorney should speak with you about these matters. 

Another important factor is that you do not end up with a balance for all of your medical treatment.  Please ask any personal injury attorney whom you consult whether your recovery will cover any future treatment.  Also ask whether the attorney will refer you to the right medical providers who will facilitate your recovery.  Your recovery should exceed the amount of your medical bills. 

Your personal injury attorney should cover all aspects of your personal injury claim or lawsuit.  First, your medical treatment is a priority.  All medical payments coverage should be exhausted, and you should be referred to a specialist, if necessary.  Any recovery should account for future treatment. 

Your personal injury attorney should have your future in mind--your health, your job, your relationship with your wife, husband, or partner, and your family, and your overall well being.  A good personal injury attorney takes your life into account when deciding on whether to settle your case, or to take your case to trial in an attempt to recover more money on your behalf.  

 Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions Tucson Attorney

We can help you file a lawsuit against any entity--private party, company, or government.  All costs are paid by this law firm.


How can a Tucson personal injury attorney help me?

The advantage of having an attorney handle your claim cannot be overstated.  An attorney has a much better understanding of the value of your personal injury claim.  For example, a personal injury attorney knows that all legally recognized factors should be used to compute the amount of your settlement amount.  Physical and mental pain and suffering, lost wages, future lost income, loss of consortium (deprivation of the benefits of a family relationship), medical bills, permanent or temporary disability, loss of enjoyment of life, and other factors should be discussed in detail with your attorney. 

A personal injury attorney will appropriately handle your claim by professionally managing your claim and by filing a lawsuit, if necessary.  A common mistake of personal injury victims is to settle their case directly with the tortfeasor’s insurance company without first knowing the full extent of their injuries.  Claims may be settled for 10% of their value when this occurs. 

The truth is that insurance companies’ main goal is profit.  These companies want to settle with you as soon as possible before you think of calling an attorney. 

What is the benefit of retaining a personal injury attorney?

A personal injury attorney will handle every aspect of your case, so that you can be relieved of the stress of dealing with insurance companies, or opposing counsel.  An attorney will not only speak with adjustors, property damage appraisers, and file a lawsuit on your behalf, but your attorney will also forward any costs associated with your case.  These costs can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands if experts and doctors have to be employed to prove your injuries. 

An attorney will also be better equipped to evaluate the value of your case.  This personal injury law firm reviews Arizona, regional and national publications to compare similar cases to your own to determine the proper monetary amount of your compensation. 

Liability and punitive damages are another aspect that cannot be overlooked.  If punitive damages are warranted, your compensation in your case may very well be doubled or tripled.  Insurance companies will, of course, not teach you about the value of your case, of the legal and liability considerations that add value to the same. 

Every case is different, but every case is also unique.  For instance, if you do not want to go through surgery because it may limit your ability to spend time with your children; then your case should be settled with a future surgery cost in mind. 

If you used a wheelchair before your accident and you injured your arms during the accident, then your everyday life has been negatively affected.  Whatever the scenario may be, you need to know that it is not a good idea to estimate the value of your claim without the assistance of an attorney. 

You owe it to yourself to obtain the advice of a legal professional who is willing to help you.  You may use our online form, or call us to discuss the merits and factors of your case.

What is a personal injury claim?
A personal injury case claim is a tort case where a negligent person caused injuries to another.  Arizona law and common law recognize that the victim who suffers injuries is entitled to compensation.  Three main questions should be immediately answered after an accident: 1) who is at fault?, 2) is the responsible party insured, or do you have uninsured motorist coverage?, and 3) what are the extent of your damages and injuries?  Once these questions are answered, your attorney can continue to pursue your case and make a claim for your injuries and damages.

Your personal injury claim may have to turn into a lawsuit if the insurance company does not want to settle for a fair amount.  Your attorney and the defendant’s insurance company will try to reach an agreement, but if the amount offered by the insurance company is not enough to fairly compensate you for your injuries, then a lawsuit must be filed immediately.  A personal injury victim in Arizona has two years from the date of injury to file a lawsuit. 

Once a lawsuit is filed, hiring an attorney is of the utmost importance.  This is so because an insurance company will assign an attorney to represent the defendant.  You cannot afford to represent yourself against an insurance defense attorney. 

There are many costs and legal technicalities associated with handling a personal injury lawsuit.  For example, depositions (recorded interviews) of the parties, subpoenas, expert fees, and other litigation costs can easily and quickly accrue.  Further, discovery and motions can overwhelm anyone who is not licensed to practice law.  A personal injury attorney will adequately represent you and pay these costs while the settlement of your case is pending. 

Contact a Tucson Personal Injury today.  We can meet with you to discuss your case at no cost or obligation. 


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